Moss Green

Brand Identity, Art Direction

Brand system and Art direction for an emerging label producing quality organic cotton apparel and accessories, unifying merchandise, digital, and packaging into a distinct and attractive personality

Moss Green is an Australian apparel label identifying with nature, fresh and organic, with classic styles cut with retro appeal.

The label specialises in timeless clothing with a relaxed attitude and collaborations with independent artists.

Moss Green is commited to high quality 100% organic cotton and sustainable processes from concept to production and sale to our community.


Develop a unified branding system across apparel, packaging and promotional materials.

Develop a strong brand identity that places Moss Green competitively for consumers.

Directed logo and art design that embodies Moss Green’s orientation towards the natural,  as well  as the brands playful character.


Moss Green was named and designed in close relation with the natural. The brand name, Moss Green, was chosen to evoke the color and image of lush rainforests, and ties with the playful logo graphic incorporating the brand initials into a flower motif.

Brand development for Moss Green also drew on references from 70’s print and alternative culture, informing typeface design and brand attitude.

Moss Green

Pattern design extracted from Moss Greens Symbol
Ride with Nature.
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